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At Valentis Therapy we specialise in

The Original Bowen Technique treatments


Any new or existing injuries can be treated.


General relaxing and balancing of body and mind.


Bowen Techniquefor most physical issues

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Get a Free Initial Consultation

If you are unsure if Bowen Technique is what could work for you we offer a free telephone consultation. During this consultation we can go over the possible treatment plans for your individual needs.



We build a long standing relationship based on trust

At Valentis Therapy we believe in treating our clients with respect to their wishes and needs.

We endeavour to holistically treat you in a way you will not need to keep returning for treatment unless you re-injure yourself or have an issue that cannot be solved within our usual short term treatment plan. However, for issues that have been in existence for a long time or structural problems we do recommend "top-up" treatments that will have you experience more improvement over time.

Our vision is to help you heal yourself from all that can be healed.


If you want just one treatment or need a series of treatments there is a solution for every situation. We offer single therapy treatments as well as short- and longterm plans. 


£ 50 /session

  • Single treatment session.

  • Getting to know Bowen.

  • For all ages/ailments.

  • Valid on mobile treatments.

  • Relaxation/rebalancing.



  • 4 treatments.

  • pre-booked dates

  • Not valid on mobile treatment.

  • If not all sessions are needed partial refund.

  • When more sessions are needed  easy switch to Long Term plan




  • 8 treatments.


  • Commitment to long-term treatment plan.


  • For long standing issues or regular "top-up" treatments.


  • Priority booking.


  • Not valid on mobile treatment.



Patients can have their Bowen treatment paid for by the NHS by asking their GP for a Personal Health Budget (PHB). PHB exists to allow patients to choose the treatment that best suits them. The PHB is an amount of money to support a person’s identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between the person and their local NHS team. It covers Complementary and Alternative treatments.

You can ask to be referred by your GP to a registered Bowen Technique practitioner if you have any long-term chronic condition.



Booked sessions cancelled within 24hr of scheduled appointment are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the full treatment price.


"Thank you for the Bowen Therapy sessions over the last 4 weeks.

As with most athletes, we train hard which gets us fit and strong, but also leads to tightness, missalignment and eventually injury.

My starting point a month ago. I stood with my weight more on my left foot, my right shoulder raised, my right collarbone lifted, my right arm out as if carrying a shoulder holster, my neck arched forward and my jaw to one side.

Roughly 45 minute sessions once a week, manipulating various  tendons and fascia and the body is symmetrical for the first time in years. I stand more upright, relaxed and well balanced. 

I would recommend this therapy to any athlete looking for balance. It is much gentler than a sports massage too."


"My first session was for relaxation and detoxification.  I have never felt so relaxed.  I have intermittent restless legs but during the session my legs remained still.  No twitching.  Lucy noticed a lot of stress in my neck and concentrated on releasing some pressure.

After my treatment I made sure I kept my water intake up.  I found I was a lot calmer and able to deal better with any upsets. "



Lucy has practiced Bowen Therapy on me on several occasions. Having never even heard of the therapy before, I trusted in the fact that if Lucy believes in its benefits then it would probably be a great therapy to experience.

I was right. The sessions have had a hugely positive impact on reducing tension in my muscles, helping with posture and on mobility in my shoulders. I very much look forward to her treatments which she delivers in my home in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner.

If you struggle with any physical ailments I would highly recommend that you try Bowen Therapy with Lucy.


Just wow! Back pain totally alleviated and long term chronic lack of mobility from poor posture improving week on week. I’d never experienced Bowen Therapy before, Lucy put me totally at ease and fully explained the treatment process. She quickly identified muscle imbalances that have been impacting greatly on my work and sporting activities and formulated a treatment plan to put them right. I’ve left every session feeling totally relaxed. Highly recommend, I’ll definitely be seeing Lucy for more sessions.


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